The hunt for six lakes in a day – Kashmir Reader

The hunt for six lakes in a day – Kashmir Reader

Chandansar to Nandansar Circuit trek: Alfaaz Aabid and his intrepid group embark on a daring journey to discover six alpine lakes in a single day, braving difficult terrain and embracing the wonders of nature alongside the way in which

On the crisp morning of August 27, 2023, our intrepid trekking group, consisting of Aabid Hussain, Altaf Hussain (Mountain Climber), Tanveer Hussain Dar, Muzamil, and myself Alfaaz Aabid, set out from the Dongimar Mmughal street at Peer Ki Gali. Because the clock struck at 7:20 am, we started our journey, desperate to traverse the unspoiled fantastic thing about the Hirpora lakes.
Our first milestone was the Jaddi Naala, which we crossed with ease, and shortly discovered ourselves enveloped by the serenity of an alpine meadow. Right here, an opportunity encounter with a flock of vultures offered an ideal picture alternative, which we seized with enthusiasm.
As we ventured additional, the welcoming faces of native shepherds graced our path. Partaking in dialog, we shared our formidable objective to discover six lakes inside a single day—a feat not generally tried, as most would take two to 3 days to cowl such floor. Regardless of their scepticism, suggesting one may solely hope to succeed in a single lake in a day, we pressed on, fueled by willpower.
Our trek took a poignant flip as we stumbled upon an unlimited shepherds’ graveyard, a silent testomony to the enduring spirit of the mountains. Additional alongside, knowledge got here within the type of an elder from the Bakarwal group, who kindly guided us in the direction of Chandansar Lake.
Pausing briefly on the lake’s base for a rejuvenating cup of tea, we resumed our ascent. Altaf and I led the trek, reaching Chandansar by 12:15 pm, with the remainder of our staff shut behind. The lakeside provided a scenic backdrop for our images and movies, capturing the essence of our journey.
The journey to Katorisar Lake introduced a second of uncertainty, however Altaf’s eager sense of course pointed us left, the place the elusive lake awaited. Upon arrival, a uncommon sign blessed our cell phones, permitting us to share our progress with family members again residence, and we provide salah.
Our expedition continued, revealing two extra hidden gems: Neal Sar 1 and Neal Sar 2. A shepherd at Neal Sar 1 suggested us to cross a frightening mountain to succeed in our subsequent vacation spot. The steep climb examined our resolve, however after 40 minutes, we had been rewarded with the sight of two extra alpine lakes: Kaldachnisarand Nandansar.
Kaldachnisar, often called the sister lake to the Hirpora lakes, was breathtaking, nevertheless it was Nandansar that really captivated us with its beautiful bluish waters. We lingered there, basking within the magnificence and immortalizing the second by way of our lenses.
As nightfall approached, we made our descent again to Dongi Marg /Peer Ki Gali, finishing our circuit of six alpine lakes by 8:45 pm. Our journey was a testomony to the spirit of exploration and the boundless wonders of nature.
This trek was not only a bodily problem, however a journey of the soul, reminding us that probably the most extraordinary experiences typically lie simply past the horizon, ready to be found.
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