Knowledgeable Ideas for College students and Mother and father

Knowledgeable Ideas for College students and Mother and father


by Babra Wani

SRINAGAR: As examination season approaches in Jammu and Kashmir, many college students and exam-takers grapple with stress, prompting questions on coping methods. In sure circumstances, a part of the stress has gone to the mother and father and guardians too.

Dr Abdul Majid, a number one psychiatrist in Jammu and Kashmir, delved into the idea of examination stress, its implications, and potential cures.

In a dwell dialogue with Kashmir Life, Dr Majid highlighted the twin nature of stress, acknowledging its capability to propel people in the direction of their goals, but cautioning in opposition to its hostile results when it surpasses manageable ranges.

He emphasised that constructive stress can drive pupil progress, however adverse stress might impair efficiency, leading to weaker outcomes. He pressured the significance of adhering to a set of pointers for managing stress, outlined as A, B, C, D, E, F.

A signifies making certain sufficient sleep, aiming for at least seven to eight hours persistently, even throughout examination intervals.

B underscores the importance of a balanced weight loss plan, avoiding dangerous meals decisions.

C recommends sustaining connections with one’s assist community, be it household or associates, and brazenly discussing considerations.

D advocates for involvement in social causes and meditation whereas avoiding substance abuse.

E suggests incorporating common train, even whether it is only for ten to fifteen minutes, to assist focus.

Lastly, F is highlighted as searching for medical help if different methods show ineffective.

Dr Majid emphasised the importance of oldsters comprehending their youngsters’s individuality and skills. Stressing that every baby is exclusive, he underscored the significance of offering each bodily and psychological assist. “Mother and father are usually not Gods,” he remarked, urging for assist and respect towards youngsters’s choices. He concluded by advocating for energetic listening to foster the flourishing of kids.

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