Kashmir Tourism

Kashmir tourism


kashmir tourism
Photographer : Zaheen Guna


The valley of Kashmir, a spot of attraction for  tourists and travelers, Kashmir tourism is actually a package of memories and photographs, with mountains and heavenly scenarios in the background, it enchants one’s mind and soul to live it again and again. Jammu and Kashmir is located in the Himalayan range of mountains. 

And the most amazing thing of Kashmir tourism, that can touch any individual’s soul easily, is- the warm and hospitable nature of the residents, who will make your trip unforgettable for sure.

The state of J & K consists three main regions – Jammu, the valley of Kashmir and Ladakh. And no matter what region you choose for a trip, every region will give you a reason to come back for it, again and again. 

Kashmir tourism will give you a lot of options to choose between, you can choose according to weather, the valley has different beautiful highlights in every weather, Kashmir is a place, that will not disappoint you. 


One can never run out of places to explore in the valley of Kashmir, the land is filled with the beauty of nature at its peak, amazing wildlife, lakes,  beautiful gardens with colorful flora and Fauna, surprising architecture, monuments, shrines and temples, and a lot of opportunities and options of different activities.

kashmir tourism
Photographer : Sofi Ubaid Ul-Lah


And when the talk is going on of Kashmir tourism, it must start with the name of the summer capital of Kashmir – SRINAGAR. the literal meaning of the name is- “the city of wealth and abundance”, and one cannot deny that the city, truly is the richest in the aspect of environmental beauty. Visit Srinagar once and you will surely fall in love with the nature, the city is situated on the banks of the Jhelum river. Srinagar – the most beautiful and perfect location of Kashmir tourism, settled in the lap of the charismatic and majestic Himalayas. Srinagar is typically famous for it’s beautiful lakes and gardens, but the most important and the most famous attraction of Kashmir tourism in Srinagar is – DAL LAKE. One of the  most beautiful and visited lakes in the world- DAL LAKE, surrounded with mountains and gardens, and what about a SHIAKARA RIDE  on the waters of the royal and the majestic beauty of Kashmir tourism, and as cherry on top, would be – A STAY ON A HOUSEBOAT, sounds marvelous, but that’s not it, the Kashmir tourism has so much to offer with another water body, a perfect place for your aqua activities like swimming, diving and boating, the NAGIN LAKE.

After burning a lot of calories in water, what would be better than a cool and refreshing walk in a garden, and as we have mentioned already, Kashmir tourism will not disappoint you, you can choose between the options or can take a walk in all, developed by THE MUGHALS, Kashmir tourism has

kashmir tourism
Photographer : Umer Qadir

All three, are the gardens, that grow some of the rarest flowers in the world in their magical soil. And then comes the turn of, (supposedly) the oldest shrine and the proudest spot of Kashmir tourism – SHANKARACHARYA TEMPLE, and to reach there, one should not forget to take the walk of TAKHT-E-SULEMANI HILL, so later, you can tick the box of “A WALK TO REMEMBER” in your checklist (TIP:- one must make a checklist of all the things\activities and the places to do/visit, because Kashmir tourism has almost everything, so a list would be a great help).

And Kashmir tourism has equal options for the adventure seekers as well as tourists, the hilly areas provides the option of activities like- mountaineering, skiing, trekking, river rafting, paragliding, aero sports, canoe trips, kayaking and camping.


kashmir tourism
Photographer : Zaheen Guna

As the name suggests, Gulmarg means-“the meadow of flowers”, it is located in the Baramulla district of Kashmir, which is 56 kilometers southwest of Srinagar city. Gulmarg is the best and most attractive spot for adventure seekers in Kashmir tourism, as the place offers a variety of sports, apart from sports, colorful bluebells, daisies, and buttercups to attract the attention of tourists. 

kashmir tourism
Photographer : Zaheen Guna

Gulmarg has the NORTHERN PIR PANJAL RANGE – a perfect location for trekking, then Kashmir tourism has the HIGHEST GOLF COURSE in the world, that is in the list of BEST SKIING RESORTS also. And then comes the view of KHILANMARG- a valley filled with the aroma of countless colorful flowers that provides a panoramic view of the charismatic Himalayas. The next mention-worthy destination of Kashmir tourism is ALPATHER LAKE- the lake will make the day memorable and exciting for the horse riding fans. And the Muslim Shrine of BABA RESHI also attracts a lot of tourists and devotees every year in Kashmir tourism. 

kashmir tourism
Photographer : Zaheen Guna

GULMARG BIOSPHERE RESERVE – an amazing spot for nature lovers, as this place offers a variety of flora and fauna in Kashmir tourism. It is located southwest of Srinagar city, the reserve is filled with exotic and rare species like musk deer, black bear, red fox, brown bear,  leopard, and serow. This part of the Kashmir tourism also attracts ornithologists to see birds like snow cock, griffon vulture, koklas, Kashmir roller, blue rock pigeon, etc. and the flora includes Aesculus Indica, Cedrus deodara, abies pindrow, and the conifers account for ninety percent of the flora with shrubs like Sorbaria tomentosa,  and Dicotyledonus herb and the indigofera  heterantha are the second major flora specie.

kashmir tourism
Photographer : Zaheen Guna

Kashmir tourism offers memories for take away too, in the form of the skill of handicraft, you can take a well known PASHMINA or any PAPER MACHIE  product for your loved ones, or the foodie loved ones you can take frozen WAZWAAN (the most popular non-veg cuisine of the valley)or the HERB POWDER  of the popular Kashmiri beverage known as – CHAI/KEHWA/NOON CHAI. The Kashmir tourism is a spot that can attract anyone, either you are a foodie or a nature lover or an adventure seeker or passionate about  monument/shrines/architecture, or an explorer of cultures, the ultimate destination for you is Hameen ast-o, hameen ast-o, hameen ast, means it is this, it is this,it is this. 

Featured Image Photographer : Zaheen Guna

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