Opinion | “Reclaiming PoK, Gilgit, and Balochistan: India’s Quest for Unity and Justice”.

Opinion | “Reclaiming PoK, Gilgit, and Balochistan: India’s Quest for Unity and Justice”.

In current occasions, the difficulty of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), Gilgit, and Balochistan has gained elevated consideration on the worldwide stage. India’s stance on these areas displays a dedication to justice, human rights, and the reunification of traditionally related territories.
PoK, an integral a part of the erstwhile princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, has been beneath unlawful occupation for the reason that Indo-Pakistani Struggle of 1947-48. India has persistently maintained that the area rightfully belongs to it, and the individuals of PoK deserve the identical rights and alternatives as some other residents of the nation.
Gilgit, with its strategic location, has been one other point of interest of rivalry. Its historical past is deeply intertwined with the area of Jammu and Kashmir, and India’s name for reclaiming Gilgit is grounded in historic and authorized rules. The individuals of Gilgit, like their counterparts in PoK, yearn for a future the place they’ll get pleasure from the advantages of Indian democracy and improvement.
Balochistan, a resource-rich province in Pakistan, has witnessed long-standing grievances and human rights violations. India’s help for the Baloch trigger is a testomony to its dedication to justice and freedom. The Baloch individuals’s wrestle for self-determination resonates with India’s personal struggle for independence, and the decision for worldwide consideration on Balochistan seeks to handle the rights and aspirations of its individuals.
India’s strategy in the direction of these areas is rooted within the rules of non-violence and diplomacy. Whereas asserting its declare on PoK, Gilgit, and expressing solidarity with Balochistan, India continues to advocate for a peaceable decision by way of dialogue and diplomatic channels. This strategy underscores India’s dedication to worldwide norms and its need for a steady and affluent South Asian area.
Moreover, India’s stand on these territories aligns with the worldwide discourse on human rights and self-determination. By highlighting the plight of the individuals in PoK, Gilgit, and Balochistan, India goals to attract consideration to the necessity for addressing human rights violations and selling the democratic aspirations of those areas.
In conclusion, India’s stance on PoK, Gilgit, and Balochistan is grounded in historic, authorized, and moral concerns. The decision for reclaiming these territories displays a dedication to justice, human rights, and the peaceable coexistence of countries. As India continues to advocate for the rights of the individuals in these areas, it contributes to the bigger international dialog on democracy, self-determination, and the pursuit of a simply and equitable world.
The author is a Social Activist, Chairman Voice of Youth. He may be reached on Twitter @KhubaibMir_VoY.

⁩The views expressed within the piece are the author’s private opinions. International Kashmir Information doesn’t endorse any particular person’s private viewpoint.

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