What Kashmir Is Famous For

what kashmir is famous for


Kashmir Valley– a well-known name, famous for various reasons like environmental beauty and exotic\spicy delicacies, but here we will talk about what are some particular things, that Kashmir is famous for.


what kashmir is famous for
“WHAT KASHMIR IS FAMOUS FOR” Photographer: Umer Qadri

One of the expensive spices in the world, and yes!! Kashmir is famous for SAFFRON. Each year, on average, as per the agriculture department, Kashmir produces 17 tonnes of saffron. The PAMPORE town of Kashmir valley is known as THE SAFFRON TOWN OF KASHMIR.
Saffron, a spice being sold at the whopping price of rupees 1-3 lakh per kg, despite being expensive, is in demand because of its miraculous antioxidant properties. And Kashmiri saffron, because of the concentration amount of crocin in it, is superior in quality, with a dark maroon-purplish hue, Kashmiri saffron has a strong flavor, aroma, and coloring effect. To yield a kilogram of saffron, the process takes around 1,60,000 flowers.


The word itself sounds royal, a woolen clothing, PASHM is a Persian word that means wool. The material is famous for its use in Kashmiri shawls. During the Mughal period, the material- pashmina, was used as an indicator of royal rank and high nobility, during his ruling period, mughal emperor BABAR started a tradition\ritual\practice called giving khilat or “robes of honour”, the Mughal khilat was a set of clothes, in which, any one or all of them (clothes) could be made of pashmina and gold embroidery, that indicates the high services and their royal achievements as the members of the mughal darbar.


what Kashmir is famous for
WHAT KASHMIR IS FAMOUS FOR” Photographer: Sofi Ubaid Ul-Lah

The Majestic chinar, scientifically known as – Platanus orientalis, is the state tree of the valley of Kashmir, and known as BUEN or BOOYN in Kashmiri, is an important heritage of Kashmir valley. As the enormous tall trees of chinar, are the golden crown of the valley, that colors the valley of Kashmir into different shades of yellow, orange and red, during the season of autumn.


what kashmir is famous for
WHAT KASHMIR IS FAMOUS FOR” Photographer: Umer Qadri

Apple is most probably the most ancient fruit of Asia and Europe. And Kashmir valley is probably the most favorable location for the growth of sweet, red, and juicy fruit. And after the surveys, the variety of apples are concluded to be almost 113 in the valley and some major ones are – Ambri Kashmir, American Trel, Maharaji Apple, Hazratbali apple also known as Benoni locally, and the golden delicious apple.


The Valley of Kashmir is well known for its exotic and spicy food delicacies, and if you are a foodie, and a non-vegetarian too, then you should remember the name of WAZWAN. Wazwan is the most popular, multi-course meal, of the Kashmiri Cuisine. The preparation of wazwan is an art and considered a skill to be proud of in the Kashmiri culture. In the wazwan, almost all the dishes are meat-based and cooked overnight, under the supervision of a master chef, called wouste waze in Kashmiri language and locally. The list of some main dishes of the royal delicacy of thirty-six (yep, its thirty-six, do not be surprised)courses includes;- RISTA, LAHABI KABAB OR MOACHI KABAB, WAZ KOKUR, DAENI PHOUL, DOUDHA RAS, ROGAN JOSH, GUSHTABA, TABAK MAAZ, DANIWAL KORMA, WAZA PALAK, AAB GOSH, MARCHWANGAN KORMA, YAKHNI, MUJI CHUTNEY, DUM ALOO, and PHIRNI.


Kashmir valley is the most attractive destination for tourists as it has everything, almost everything that a tourist seeks, beautiful monuments, marvelous gardens, colorful and royal culture, attractive architecture, spots for different adventurous activities, food, fruits, flora and fauna, wildlife, surrounding background of the Himalayan mountain range, what else one will want for memories other than this!!!!

what kashmir is famous for
WHAT KASHMIR IS FAMOUS FOR” Photographer: Umer Qadri


Gulmarg is the ultimate destination in the valley of Kashmir, for the adventure seekers – it offers different sports activities, but the main attraction of the spot is the GULMARG GONDOLA, the second-highest operating cable car in the world.

what kashmir is famous for
WHAT KASHMIR IS FAMOUS FOR” Photographer: Zaheen Guna


kashmir tourism
WHAT KASHMIR IS FAMOUS FOR” Photographer: Sofi Ubaid Ul-Lah

How about a ride on the crystal clear waters of the world-famous – DAL LAKE on a shikara, and what do you think about a stay in a house built on a boat!!??, sounds pretty awesome to me. A shikara ride on the waters of dal lake, with the surrounding scenery of Himalayan mountains and chinar trees of the mughal gardens, is a memory, that any individual will love to cherish and live, again to again. And a stay on a houseboat, to wake up to the beautiful shikara rides around you and the scenery of mountains in front of your eyes, no doubt, these are the views of the paradise.

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WHAT KASHMIR IS FAMOUS FOR” Photographer: Zaheen Guna


And the people of Kashmir, also known as koshurs, are very well known for their hospitality and warm nature. Any traveling experience mainly depends on the behavior of the residents of the region, because that impacts the traveler or tourist in every possible way, no matter how beautiful a place/destination/region is, the real beauty lies in the heart of the residents, no one would want to go to a place full of rude or arrogant or ignorant people. And the real beauty of Kashmir really lies in the hearts of the koshurs (Kashmiri people), as they are full of hospitality, warmth, and love.

And you can always tell us in the comments if we have missed something and your feedback/comments are always welcomed, as they boost our motivation to write more and more for you, pour your heart out in the comment section, and do tell your experiences, and to know more about the PARADISE OF EARTH – THE VALLEY OF KASHMIR, the answer as the KHUSRO had said is Hameen ast-o, hameen ast-o, hameen ast, means it is this, it is this, it is this means THEKASHMIRVALLEY.COM

Feature Image Photographer: Umer Qadir

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