Opinion | How Pakistan and Its Media Is Deceptive Youth Of Kashmir

Opinion | How Pakistan and Its Media Is Deceptive Youth Of Kashmir

Since its inception, Pakistan has relentlessly pursued the dissemination of terrorism in Kashmir, trying to misguide the youth. Nevertheless, the resilient individuals of Kashmir have constantly rejected this nefarious agenda, each previously and current, and can proceed to take action steadfastly. Our rejection of such terrorism dates again to the period of the Kabali raiders, who introduced devastation upon our land, committing atrocities that scarred our communities. In response, we defiantly proclaimed, “Hamla Awar Khabardar Hum Kashmiri Hai Tayar” (Beware, we Kashmiris are able to defend ourselves).
Regardless of the persistent efforts of Pakistan’s terroristic agenda in Kashmir, our collective resolve has weakened their grip on our area in recent times. Nevertheless, remnants of their affect proceed to focus on unusual Kashmiris who dare to talk out towards them, expose their false propaganda, and resist their unsympathetic agenda for Kashmir. As their presence diminishes within the valley, they’ve resorted to exploiting the digital realm of social media and journalism to perpetuate their sinister model of terrorism and mislead the youth of Kashmir.
It’s well-known that there are people in Pakistan whose livelihoods thrive on the bloodshed and instability in Kashmir. When one’s technique of incomes sustenance are threatened, they may inevitably search various avenues to safe their livelihood. A stark instance of this exploitative tactic occurred not way back when Ahmed Qureshi orchestrated an incident involving Yasin Malik’s daughter in Muzaffarabad. This younger woman, barely 11 years previous, was manipulated into talking phrases scripted by Qureshi, showcasing the depths to which they’re prepared to stoop of their pursuit of vested pursuits. Such callous exploitation of Kashmiri youngsters for his or her agenda is a testomony to their lack of real sympathy for our plight.
Previous to 1990, whereas different components of India grappled with inner conflicts, Kashmir remained comparatively steady and peaceable. Nevertheless, Pakistan constantly sought to destabilize the area. The video that includes Yasin Malik’s 11-year-old daughter was shamelessly utilized by Pakistani media to additional their false propaganda. They portrayed Razia Sultana as a brave voice whereas conveniently ignoring the atrocities dedicated by her father towards harmless Kashmiris. Media retailers lacked the braveness to show Yasin Malik’s position within the killings of quite a few harmless Kashmiris and his culpability within the exodus and genocide of tons of of 1000’s of Kashmiri Pandits.

Between 2013 and 2017, Pakistan shamelessly manipulated Kashmiri youth, exploiting their vulnerability to propagate their agenda. Many younger people, after taking on arms, had been coerced into creating movies that had been then disseminated by way of Pakistani networks on social media. One distinguished determine used as a pawn throughout this era was Burhan Muzzafar Wani, a terrorist commander affiliated with Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. In his preliminary video look, Wani was depicted alongside eleven different terrorists from the identical group, all clad in army-style fight apparel, posing for the digicam with smiles adorning their faces, Wani positioned prominently on the middle.
Recognizing the potential media frenzy, terrorist organizations primarily based in Pakistan enthusiastically endorsed the exploitation of such movies. These movies, filmed within the forests of Kashmir, had been swiftly transmitted to Pakistan, the place they had been uploaded and broadcasted throughout Pakistani media channels and Twitter handles, amplifying their false propaganda. The energetic involvement of Pakistani media in disseminating such propaganda and deceptive the youth of Kashmir is obvious by way of these manipulative techniques.

What Pakistani has snatched from Kashmiris?
Pakistan has inflicted immeasurable struggling upon us, robbing us of our smiles, perpetrating atrocities towards our moms and sisters, and ruthlessly eliminating our peace activists and writers. They’ve left many mother and father bereaved of their sons, armed our youth with weapons, decimated our tourism sector, and orchestrated focused killings of politicians who dared to oppose their deceitful propaganda. Regardless of these adversities, following the abrogation of Article 370 in 2019, Kashmir has witnessed a semblance of peace, progress, and prosperity.
Nevertheless, there stays a section of people whose livelihoods are intricately tied to our instability, relentlessly striving to reignite battle and extend the struggling of Kashmiris. These people, alongside sure media channels in Pakistan and social media handles, painting such heinous acts as ‘Jihad,’ blatantly distorting the rules of Islam. We should query their interpretation of ‘Jihad’ when it entails orphaning youngsters, perpetrating acts of rape, and committing different barbaric atrocities.
We demand solutions from those that orchestrated the murders of distinguished figures like Mirwaiz Farooq, Ab Gani Lone, Shujaat Bukhari, the spouse of Mohammad Yusuf Shah of Kupwara, BSNL engineer B.Ok. Ganjoo, NC’s Mushtaq Wani, and the current tragic killings of our Sikh brothers in Srinagar. Their actions have inflicted untold struggling upon nearly all of Kashmiris, but we steadfastly reject their false propaganda and vow to withstand their nefarious agenda indefinitely.
I earnestly enchantment to the writers, activists, and fellow Kashmiris of our valley to unite and problem the false narrative propagated by Pakistan and its media, claiming that Kashmiris stand in solidarity with them. It’s crucial that we mobilize ourselves and lift consciousness about how Pakistan has misled us, resulting in the lack of numerous lives. We can’t enable one other mom to mourn the lack of her son to Pakistan’s sinister model of terrorism.
We should make it identified that Pakistan will present weapons, uniforms, and take photographs and movies of us, all to serve their very own pursuits, with no regard for our lives. They’re detached as to whether we dwell or die; as soon as they’ve exploited us for what they’ll promote within the worldwide market, they discard us. For years, they’ve profited from our bloodshed.
Contrastingly, it’s the Indian Military that, even throughout encounters, provides an opportunity for militants to give up and rebuild their lives. They prolong a hand of reconciliation, providing a path again to their households. Sadly, few seize this chance, as Pakistani terrorists typically goal surrendered militants, visiting their properties and ending their lives. As a neighborhood, we should stay vigilant, and it falls upon activists and writers to vehemently converse out towards this ominous terrorism. We should reject this narrative and work in the direction of a future free from the grip of Pakistan’s manipulation.

The Author is a pupil activist and may be reached at soulofkashmir1@gmail.com

The views expressed within the piece are the author’s private opinions. World Kashmir Information doesn’t endorse any particular person’s private viewpoint.

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