Colleges in Anantnag warned towards conducting tuitions throughout winter break

Colleges in Anantnag warned towards conducting tuitions throughout winter break

Amidst the winter break, a regarding pattern has emerged amongst sure non-public colleges and training facilities.

Regardless of the vacation interval, these establishments have been persisting with tuition lessons, pressuring college students to attend and disregarding the mandated break, as per the schooling division officals’s order accessed by The Kashmiriyat.

Paying attention to this situation, authorities have intervened swiftly and the directed the  officers to issie strict directions to stop these actions instantly.

It has been emphasised that conducting lessons in the course of the designated break interval goes towards established laws and have to be stopped.

Along with directing the college and training heart administration, steps have been taken to accentuate monitoring measures.

Zonal-level monitoring committees, that are already in place for oversight functions, have been given express directions to keep up a vigilant watch over any violations.

Their position entails not solely remark but additionally immediate reporting of any cases of non-compliance to the related authorities.

This intervention goals to uphold the sanctity of scheduled breaks and make sure that college students are granted the mandatory respite throughout these designated durations.

Authorities are resolute of their stance towards any disregard for these laws and stay dedicated to implementing compliance amongst academic establishments.

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