Are Our Actions Reflecting the Rules of a Civilized Society?

Are Our Actions Reflecting the Rules of a Civilized Society?


by Dr Fiaz Fazili

Incorporating the ideas of the Three Rs—Scale back, Reuse, and Recycle—into broader environmental stewardship efforts entails mindfulness in direction of useful resource use, vitality consumption, and general materials consumption and waste administration.

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The pursuit of a civilised society, a timeless and noble aspiration, has been championed by people, communities, and nations all through historical past. Whereas the imaginative and prescient of such a society could range amongst people, cultures, and societies, widespread themes and beliefs typically underpin this collective dream.

An sudden journey by way of the streets of what seemed to be a civilised society revealed a sequence of disagreeable surprises. On my strategy to the workplace, an incident occurred that marred the day’s proceedings. Somebody, seemingly out of nowhere, selected to throw rubbish over a wall, not solely soiling my apparel but additionally undermining the care I had taken in choosing my workplace put on. To mitigate the state of affairs and attain the workplace on time, I hastened to my storage, meaning to journey by a fast-speed automotive. Nevertheless, the journey was hindered by chaotic and erratic visitors that materialized seemingly with out warning, impeding progress and intensifying morning frustrations.

Approaching the workplace constructing, challenges endured. Navigating by way of bustling streets grew to become a check of persistence when somebody bypassed the queue on the entrance gate, blatantly disregarding primary civility. The scene was emblematic of a disheartening lack of adherence to the norms of a civilised society. Upon lastly reaching the workplace premises, additional disarray awaited me on the financial institution counter, the place people exhibited a blatant disregard for the idea of queuing. Witnessing folks overtly leap forward in line underscored a stark absence of primary courtesy and order.

Embark with me on an exploration of a revealing second encapsulated by the 4 pillars of civilized societies: Rights, Tasks, Guidelines of Legislation, and Respect for others’ Rights. This journey delves into empathy, understanding, and the nuances of the human psyche that permeate our every day lives.

Situations of societal lapses are obvious, reminiscent of people neglecting to supply seats on buses to the aged, pregnant, or disabled. Equally vexing are situations the place girls chorus from yielding seats to males carrying infants, disabled people, or these with young children. The disregard for public areas, manifested by leaving pets or home animals unattended within the streets, evokes a way of frustration. The juxtaposition of pristine water our bodies like Dal or Nigeen Lake, marred by floating particles of empty cans and damaged seats after a music occasion at Ghanta Ghar, vividly illustrates environmental neglect.

Additional reflections on societal norms reveal unextinguished streetlights with accessible switches throughout daylight on the best way to a close-by mosque, indicating neglect of vitality conservation. Passenger buses with foam pilfered from seats and ceramics stolen from hospital washrooms underscore a disregard for public property and communal areas. The act of throwing rubbish within the streets and public areas, coupled with spitting or coughing with out consideration for others, represents a failure of civic accountability.

The fruits of those incidents, together with chaotic visitors, queue-jumping, and the final lack of regard for public areas, paints a disconcerting image of a group grappling with the foundational values integral to civilized residing. Amidst these observations, a urgent query surfaces: The place is the illusion of a civilized society?

In exploring the interpretation or evaluation of desires, it’s important to acknowledge that not all heroes put on capes. Consideration of the particular imagery and feelings concerned in a dream is essential. Acts of kindness in every day life, reminiscent of holding doorways open, serving to, and practising politeness, contribute to a constructive and civil atmosphere.

Noteworthy examples of constructive and compassionate facets in our society emerge when people and NGOs volunteer their time and expertise throughout emergencies like fires, floods, or humanitarian crises. Appreciation for various cultures and the celebration of range foster understanding and tolerance inside societies. Recognizing these constructive facets demonstrates the kindness, empathy, and generosity current in our communities, together with efforts in direction of environmental preservation by way of actions like tree planting, wildlife conservation, and sustainable practices.

Desires, typically tapping into our unconscious, present insights into ideas and emotions. Sharing considerations on platforms just like the Senior Residents WhatsApp group, named “Classroom of Classes,” underscores the significance of higher consciousness and accountable behaviour in public areas. The narrative emphasizes that the true measure of civilization lies not solely in our capacity to take pleasure in cultural occasions but additionally in our respect for the atmosphere and shared sources that allow these occasions.

People, households, communities, and nations possess varied powers, falling into classes of “Bodily Energy,” “Mental Energy,” and “Religious Energy.” Reworking desires into actuality might be life-changing, shaping people and society in a loosely termed “civilized” method. Amidst reflections on a tumultuous morning journey, the hope for a extra orderly and thoughtful society appears distant. The imagery of a bridge being too far and the urgency of morning daybreak not ready could recommend a perceived distance or the necessity for immediate motion.

Civilization, for me, entails sustaining concord with the atmosphere and fostering a way of accountability in direction of the folks in a single’s society. The essence of “civilian character” lies within the unstated concord of the center—a symphony of kindness, integrity, ethical and moral attributes, sharing, caring, rights, rituals, and traditions. This silent nature underscores that real character is usually expressed by way of actions fairly than mere phrases.

Dr Fiaz Maqbool Fazili
Dr Fiaz Maqbool Fazili

Incorporating the ideas of the Three Rs—Scale back, Reuse, and Recycle—into broader environmental stewardship efforts entails mindfulness in direction of useful resource use, vitality consumption, and general materials consumption and waste administration. This conscientious strategy permits people and societies to attenuate their environmental impression, a vital aspect within the development of a civilized society.

The idea of a “civilized society” is subjective, extending past political realms and highly effective corridors. It varies based mostly on particular person views, observations, and private values. In essence, the pursuit of a civilized society prompts questions concerning the human qualities and selections that result in ‘civilized’ behaviour. Why will we typically reject these qualities and as a substitute embrace behaviours that lean in direction of the ‘uncivilized’? This exploration delves into the intricacies of human nature and decision-making.

(A medical physician, the writer is actively engaged in selling constructive perceptions of assorted ethical and social points. Concepts are private.)

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