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Kashmir University

University – derived from the Latin word – ‘Universitas’ that roughly means – ‘ a whole ‘. A university is an institution of higher education and research and (typically) provides undergraduate and postgraduate education. The roots of the modern University system are located in the European Mediaeval University, which was created in Italy and then evolved during the High middle ages, The University of Bologna in Italy, founded in 1888, is the oldest University.
In modern usage, the word university has come to the meaning of being an institution that offers higher education with typically having the power to confer degrees.
We all had, has, and will have an experience of ‘University’. Students who are pursuing their secondary/school education and soon will enter the most remarkable and awaited step of the education system, what they normally expect from the university or colleges!!?? A nerdy kid will expect a library full of books to spend time there, an outdoor loving person will expect trip arrangements from time to time with his/her friends. We all have expectations, as humans, expectations either intentionally or unintentionally, plays an important role in our emotional tendencies, same thing happens in the case of University/College, and these expectations can be of anything, it can be about interior or studies or professors or even curriculum, for example, I imagined a university life that would have glamorous moments all the time, but what can I say we all know the truth and reality, in every possible way, varies from our expectations.

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And yes!! I can say for sure that the quote mentioned above is one hundred percent true. University life is a bubble of time that will create a whole chapter of memories, crucial and adorable memories in your life story and you will tell about it again and again to your future generation for sure.
And what about a university, which is an awesome attraction for travelers and tourists because of the environmental beauty in and around it!?
(Me too, I would love it)

2. Kashmir University

We are talking about The University of Kashmir / Kashmir University here, a place where you will feel like you are in the gardens of heaven, because of the environment around you. A place to study and pursue higher education in the paradise of the Earth – The Kashmir Valley.
The University of Jammu and Kashmir was established in 1948 and 1969, it was bifurcated into two universities
1) University of Kashmir / Kashmir University at Srinagar
2) University of Jammu at Jammu

3. Kashmir University Campus

The main campus of the University of Kashmir / Kashmir University covers the area of 247 acres of land, is divided into three parts
1) Hazrat Bal Campus
2) Naseem Bagh Campus
3) Mirza Bagh Campus
Over the years, the University of Kashmir / Kashmir University has progressed towards excellence in every field and has been re-accredited aa Grade – A+ University by the NAAC, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council of India.

4. Kashmir University Motto

The university motto is:-
“From darkness to light”
The university has grown into one of the largest universities with 12 faculties, 47 academic departments, 21 centers, 36 colleges and 6 (privately managed) recognized institutes.

5. Kashmir University Location/Beauty

kashmir university
Kashmir University
Photographer: Zaheen Guna

The University of Kashmir / Kashmir University – a university that is located in the (summer) capital of the paradise of the Earth – Srinagar and that is decorated by the world-famous Dal Lake on its eastern side and Nigeen Lake on its western side.
The university is divided into 3 campuses in which the mirza bagh campus constitutes buildings and housing quarters for the university staff.
A major part of the Naseem Bagh Campus constitutes the Hazrat Bal Campus and earlier many postgraduate departments and other centers were housed in Naseem Bagh, but when the university decided to develop the Naseem Bagh campus into a heritage site then many departments were shifted to other areas of the Hazrat Bal Campus.


Naseem Bagh as the name suggests means “the garden of breeze” (Naseem means breeze and bagh mean garden).
On the west bank of Dal Lake, in summer of 1635, twelve hundred saplings of chinar tree, all at the same time, were laid out in classic “char chinar” pattern, in which four chinar saplings in four corners of a rectangular piece of land were planted, so that an individual would be under the shade at all hours of the day. A boundary wall was created around the land and fountains were planted there but it all disappeared during Afghan time, this garden, a dream project of Mughal Emperors was named Naseem bagh meaning the garden of a breeze because of the gentle and fresh breeze that blew through it. The recommendation from the local lore is to visit the garden in the morning, so one can actually experience the gentle and pure Naseem (breeze) of the garden.
During the 1950s, the garden was handed over by the royal Dogra family to the civil administration to use it as the campus for the university and now “The Garden of Breeze” is the most beautiful campus of the University of Kashmir / Kashmir University and a major destination of tourist attractions in the valley of Kashmir.
Naseem Bagh is located on the western shore of dal lake, at a distance of 8 kilometers from the Srinagar city center.
Naseem Bagh is a magnificent place with rows of thousands of almighty chinar, surrounded by the beautiful mountains in the background with the view of Dal Lake, a place that can enchant anyone, a place that no one will want to leave
The beauty of the garden varies from season to season, in summer, the chinar trees cover the campus in thick green shades and help to keep the temperature down, in autumn, the chinar covers the land in various hues of yellow, orange, and red and in winters, the campus area takes up a different look with shades of white.
The best way to enjoy the Naseem Bagh would be, camping inside the park and walking around the park and a “shikara” ride along the Dal Lake will provide a view that will enchant you to make you experience it again and again.
You can also have a stay at the Clermont houseboat that provides an opportunity to stroll down in the garden with breakfast under the shades of the chinar trees. And the experience of the Naseem Bagh Campus of The University of Kashmir / Kashmir University will make you remember, recall, and adore your memories of it again and again.

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