Kashmir vs Cashmere



kashmir vs cashmere
KASHMIR VS CASHMERE Photographer : Umer Qadri

Kashmir vs Cashmere!! What’s the difference!!? Even the pronunciation seems almost the same!!?. And yes, the pronunciation is almost the same, but the meanings are completely different (in present times for sure). Without further a do let’s look into the matter.
There is a huge difference between Kashmir and cashmere, the most important and the major difference is that KASHMIR is a place/state, a valley located in the lap of Himalayan ranges, and CASHMERE is the name of fiber.

kashmir vs cashmere
KASHMIR VS CASHMERE Photographer : Zaheen Guna

So the question that arises here is why the confusion!! Why the topic of KASHMIR VS CASHMERE is being explained here!!?? And the simplest answer to that is, during the seventeenth century the word CASHMERE was used as the spelling of the place KASHMIR (as written in present times), and the second factor for this Kashmir vs Cashmere confusion is probably THE SAME PRONUNCIATION. Kashmir vs Cashmere sounds like Kramer vs Kramer (a lame joke to lighten up the mood and if you have watched the movie, do let me know in the comments, that is one of my favorites). And now we are going to understand the terms separately:-


kashmir vs cashmere
KASHMIR VS CASHMERE Photographer : Umer Qadri

A piece of heaven on earth, in the laps of Himalayan mountains, the northernmost region of the Indian subcontinent, Kashmir is the land of nature’s beauty at its peak, with wonderful wildlife, colorful flora, and fauna, adventurous destinations like GULMARG, shikara rides on the world-famous – DAL LAKE, Kashmir is a place that one would love to visit again and again, and for some more information about the culture, or food, or destinations, or any kind of queries, check out our other posts at thekashmirvalley.com

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KASHMIR VS CASHMERE Photographer : Zaheen Guna


And as I’ve already mentioned before, cashmere is a fiber and is one of the most sought fibers in the world. The cashmere fiber doesn’t come from a usual sheep, it actually comes from the cashmere goats. These goats are found in places where temperature can drop to -30 degrees, and because of their spine-chilling cold habitat, these goats can grow an absolutely thick and warm coat of hairs on their body. This coat of cashmere goats is known for being the finest and softest fibers in the world. Despite being so warm, the hairs are so thin that it can weave the most softest and luxurious woolen garments, which are pretty warm but light in weight too and it’s luxurious because it comes at an expensive cost. The cashmere fiber is expensive because of various reasons, a normal usual sheep can produce 300 kilograms of wool per year, on the other hand, a cashmere goat can produce only 200 grams because the cashmere goats have two layers of hair on their body, the upper one is thick wiry hairs, and underneath that is the actual super-soft coat of cashmere fiber. The tiny amount of fiber that each cashmere goat provides, is the major reason for its limited supply and affects the price. Even after acquiring the pure cashmere fibers, the process takes a lot of work and time, because the material is so thin that it must be handled delicately, any harshness or over-processing will damage the fiber.
And I think that the difference between Kashmir and cashmere is pretty clear now, they may sound the same and may get pronounced the same, but these are two different gifts of the Himalayan mountains, Kashmir is the valley that is located in the lap of the Himalayan mountains and cashmere is a fiber, a woolen fiber/thin hair, that is found on the body of the cashmere goats, who (the goats) are found in the Himalayan mountains too. These are two different things with origins from the same place – THE HIMALAYAN MOUNTAINS.

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KASHMIR VS CASHMERE Photographer : Zaheen Guna

If you have any other doubts and comments/feedback/suggestions, pour your hearts out in the comment section and let us know your thoughts about KASHMIR VS CASHMERE, and do check out our other posts because the answer for your queries about Kashmir is Hameen ast-o, hameen ast-o, hameen ast, means it is this, it is this, it is this means THEKASHMIRVALLEY.COM

“KASHMIR VS CASHMERE” Written by Muba Noor

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Feature Image Photographer : Zaheen Guna

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