Ladybower ReservoirLadybower Reservoir

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Ladybower Reservoir Derbyshire England

Ladybower Reservoir

A large Y-shaped Reservoir, built between 1935 and 1943; the Ladybower Reservoir is located in Derbyshire, England. And if you are confused about what a reservoir is then here is an easy definition for you – a reservoir is an enlarged lake, pond, or impoundment created by using a dam or lock to store more water, it can be natural as well as artificial. 

Ladybower Reservoir Construction/Design

Ladybower Reservoir

The Ladybower reservoir was built to supplement the other two 1) Howden reservoir and 2) Derwent reservoir in supplying the water needs; it was built by the Derwent Valley Water Body.

The Ladybower Reservoir is different from the other two reservoirs as the Ladybower reservoir is a clay-cored earth embankment, not a solid masonry dam like the other two.

The design is unusual as it has two enclosed bellmouth overflows AKA the plugholes, the plugholes are often completely dry and submerged rarely after heavy flooding or rainfall.

The plugholes had walkways around them but they were dismantled (most probably because of the safety of people) many years ago.

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Ladybower Reservoir Flooded Villages

Ladybower Reservoir

The building of the reservoir caused the submergence of two villages named – Ashopton and Derwent, though the majority of the buildings of the villages were demolished before filling the reservoir.

Some structure of the Derwent village, after a span of 14 years, is still visible during dry summers, when dry conditions caused a drop in water levels, the village of Derwent came into sight in 1976, 1995, and 2018, 2018 the event attracted an unprecedented crowd.

After some time it was reported that some of those visitors were vandalizing the site and some were making graffiti on the structures of the site.

Things to do at Ladybower Reservoir

Ladybower Reservoir

The Ladybower Reservoir is surrounded by magnificent views of moorland, woodland, and water. It has many circular cycling and walking routes around it with stunning viewpoints that will take your breath away.

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Ladybower reservoir circular walk/cycle path

The Ladybower reservoir walk is a circular route that covers a circuit of one-half of the reservoir and provides the most magnificent views. The route is suitable for cycling, users of wheelchairs or pushchairs, hikers as well as dog walkers.

1)The walk starts from the visitor information center, turn left and walk on the road that takes you back to the A57.

2)As you walk, on your left you can see the bulk of Derwent’s edge, and to your right, you will see the green slopes of Crook hill and the wooded heights of Hogg’s side, and ahead of you, you will see the Win Hill.

3)After approx 1.5 miles, ahead of you will be the beautiful Ashopton Viaduct, the arches that are visible as rising above the water, are only the top structure as the remaining structure lies deep under the water.

4)Once you reach the A57, take the left and cross the bridge.

5)After crossing, look for the left that brings you to the other side of the reservoir.

6)Follow the track and enjoy the quiet walk that will take you through beautiful shady woodlands.

7)After approx 1.5 miles, a small cluster of pretty houses will come into your vision, these houses are the remains of the Derwent village, one of the two flooded villages.

8)Do not forget to look out for the remaining structures of the villages of Derwent and Ashopton village, as they were the thriving communities of their time.

9)After visiting the remains of the village, take the left track and head slightly downhill, and ahead of you will be the majestic structure of the Derwent dam.

10)Continue for approx 500 meters at the track before arriving back at the Visitor Information Center on your left.

Voila!! You have done walking the circular walking/cycling route and visited the remains of some amazing village structures that contributed to the making of the reservoir, and you have memories of some majestic views of the dam and the sweetest memory of that lush green views you have experienced just some minutes before.

The place is a good spot for a calm one-day trip.

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Bonus Post – London Travel Guide


London – an eclectic city that attracts visitors and travelers of every genre, a city with cultural diversity and a marvelous history, the London city is a famous and well-known hub, the city has so many places to see and things to do there that one trip will not be enough for it.

If you are planning a trip to London, read the article till the end, I sure will try my best to not disappoint you, so we’ll start with some major and top attractions of London city, because you don’t want to miss the major attractions, right?

The Tower of London And The Tower Bridge

The tower of London is the heart of Britain’s history, it is the crown of the city, and the tower is open for visitors from 9 am to 4.30 pm almost all days of the year.

From the tower, you can see the famous tower bridge and can experience the awesome view of the tower bridge when it opens for the river traffic passing below.

You can choose guided tours means when you will experience the views, a guide will tell you the interesting history of the destinations as well as all ins and outs along the way.

Buckingham Palace

No matter in which country do you live in, you probably have heard the name before as Buckingham palace is the home of the British monarchy and it is a famous and well-known destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. Tours of this much-loved palace are open from July to September.

And if you are excited about the changing of the guard ceremony, you have to think and plan it separately because it can be seen in the months of January to March, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 11 am to 11.45 am.

You can choose a guided tour for this destination also because you sure want to know the history while visiting the majestic palace (or you can choose the free guide AKA Google, do your homework before the trip and enjoy).

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The British Museum

Here is the best news for all you history lovers out there, entrance to all the museums in London is totally free of any cost/charge (all you freebie lovers pack your bags fast) as well as the British Museum.

The museum was opened in 1753 and has some of the greatest treasures from all over the world throughout history, you will have to schedule more than one single visit to see the whole museum.

The museum is open all days of the week throughout the year for the visitors.

Big Ben and The Palace of Westminster

The St Stephen’s tower also known as the Big Ben, located at the eastern end of the Westminster palace is a site you should visit for sure, again you can opt for guided tours of the palace (or you can use my personal suggestion that I mentioned earlier).

Westminster Abbey

The site is just right next to the Westminster palace, opened in 1090, the Westminster Abbey has many royal Queens and Kings buried within its soil and it has hosted many royal weddings as well.

An important point for the photography enthusiasts who are reading this, the Westminster Abbey is one of the most photogenic places in London and it is open all year round.

The London Eye

Opened in 2000, the giant Ferris wheel, called the London Eye will give you some best views of central London. The wheel takes a round of 30 minutes and gives you some marvelous views of the Westminster and the Thames.

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Opened in 1852, the Victoria & Albert Museum is the destination for art lovers as it has one of the world’s best and largest collections of art, artifacts, and design pieces, and you can check out their website before visiting the museum because of exhibitions and attractions in the museum changes throughout the year.

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St Paul’s Cathedral

One of the most recognizable landmarks of the world, opened in 1300, then rebuilt and reopened in 1697, the cathedral has survived plagues, fires, and wars, the cathedral is an amazing example of engineering, it was built by Sir Christopher Wren.

Tate Britain & Tate Modern

The Tate Britain Museum was opened in 1897 and has a massive collection of British Art.

The Tate Modern was opened in 2000 by Queen Elizabeth; it has a massive collection of modern and contemporary art.

Both sites are open all around the year and entry is free.

The London Dungeons

The house that combines history with horror and exhibits London’s sometimes bloody past, it was opened in 1974 and it’s fun depending on your capacity to handle the horror, the place is open all around the year.

Some additional tips and tricks-

1)Stay in central London as it will save your cost of traveling from out of the city to various destinations.

2)Plan your trip and avoid the bank holidays and school breaks as much as you can.

3)Don’t rush to see everything in a short span of time, preplan and choose destinations according to the duration of your stay.

4)Do bookings of things like hotel rooms, sites visiting in advance as much as possible.

5)And this one is very obvious, do not forget to visit major attractions that are free of cost.

6)Use credit cards or online methods of payment.

7)Prefer public transport and walks for a short distance or you can rent a bike.

8)Must try hop-on-hop-off buses and hop-on-hop-off cruises also.

9)You are not expected to give tips in the city.

10)Do not forget comfortable shoes, cause you will be walking a lot.

11)Buy a local SIM card and pack an umbrella.

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