Best Beaches in the World

Best Beaches in the World

Best Beaches in the World, Life – a beautiful and slow-burning thriller genre, and the cherry on top are – COVID-19, for some people life is getting back to normal, and for some, it is getting worse than it was earlier, but we cannot lose the hope of a good and bright future, so today with the hope of a bright future, we will talk about some of the amazing and beautiful beaches all over the world that one should visit to add on some more memories in one’s travel diary.

A beach vacation to get away from different background noises of our day to day life is something that a person cannot say no to, and to give you some more options for your next beach vacation destinations, we have prepared a list of some of the most beautiful beaches all over the world. Let’s jump right into it;


Best Beaches in the World
Best Beaches in the World

Covered with copper-red sand, that is a result of billions of pulverized scallop shells, located below the rocks of Iceland’s western fjords is the Raudasandur beach. Decorated with formidable mountains and dramatic cliffs at its edges, raudasandur beach is a place that should be on top of your list when you plan to visit Iceland because only a few of Iceland’s visitor ever make it that far and because of that the probability of meeting a crowd or a lot of humans at this beach is almost zero.


Best Beaches in the World
Best Beaches in the World

As the name suggests, the sunset beach’s sunsets is a really amazing deal, the view will be worthy of it all your expenses, time, energy and everything. The beach is not amazing only because of sunsets (duh!!!!),  in winters it becomes one of the best places to watch big wave surfing and summers the water becomes calm as of a lake and makes it an excellent spot for snorkeling.


Best Beaches in the World
Best Beaches in the World

Surprisingly empty most of the time, the pink sand beach is less crowded, which means you have this awesomely photogenic land with sand that glows in a shade of pink in the sun ALL TO YOURSELF!!

Grab your cameras and devices, plan and leave as soon as possible to visit the pink sand beach.


Best Beaches in the World
Best Beaches in the World

As the name suggests, it’s not hidden anymore, surrounded by limestone cliffs and bone-white sand, the beach is separated from the ocean by a keyhole-like opening, thus naming it the Hidden beach because to explore this amazing surprise one must climb in the small keyhole like opening. Beach vacation with some adventurous vibes!!


Best Beaches in the World
Best Beaches in the World

Decorated with pure white sand and granite boulders, this beach is probably one of the most photogenic ones and because of it the beach is crowded most of the time, but a visit in the early morning hours and you will get some time to enjoy its beauty alone.


Best Beaches in the World
Best Beaches in the World

Found in volcanic islands between Brazil and Africa, Praia do Sancho is the hardest one to access. First, take a flight of an hour from the mainland of Brazil, then you have to hike and then after descending down some narrow rock tunnels and steep ladder steps, you are almost there. As the area is a national park, you will have to pay some environmental taxes too, and all this will feel worthy when you’ll feel the touch of the golden smooth sand on your feet and the view of the deserted shoreline and beautiful sunset with the amazing beauty of nature in front of your eyes, everything will worth the sweat, time and money.


Best Beaches in the World
Best Beaches in the World

As the name suggests (I am joking, I don’t know the meaning of the word!!). The honopu beach is actually kind of a hidden and isolated destination, and to reach there, the only legal way is – water, yes! To reach Honopu you have to swim (now I have to register for some swimming classes) from the neighboring beach or an offshore boat. (Spoiler alert) this isolated beach has provided a beautiful background for king kong and raiders of the lost ark, the scenery and views are cinematically beautiful. The beach also served as an ancient burial ground and is believed to be spiritual.


Best Beaches in the World
Best Beaches in the World

Backed by palms and tropical foliage, Matira is one of the only publicly accessible beaches in Bora Bora, the beach has a mile-long stretch of silky, powder-white sand and its beauty will not cost you a five-star resort kind of luxurious price.


Best Beaches in the World
Best Beaches in the World

A beach filled with activities to keep you busy all day and night. Do snorkeling or parasailing before your barefoot lunch at pelican pier bar to devour some mouth-watering food. Then visit the nearby casinos and nightclubs to enjoy the amazing lively nights.


Best Beaches in the World
Best Beaches in the World

A great less crowded spot, with only one restaurant that is built out of bamboo, the banana beach has a backdrop of immensely green jungle. The beach is part of a national park and marine preservation area. You can do snorkeling, sea kayaking, and parasailing there, and the banana boat rides are also a popular option.


Best Beaches in the World
Best Beaches in the World

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful as well as one of the most photographed beaches of the Caribbean. Located in the northwestern corner of the Virgin Islands National park, the beach has calm and clear water with a 225-yard long underwater trail for snorkeling.

So, these are some beaches that you should give a visit to, because a beach vacation is always a great idea.

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