How to Get Paid to Travel – Post Covid-19

How to Get Paid to Travel


How to Get Paid to Travel
How to Get Paid to Travel

Yes, that’s a dream of millions; individuals do daydreaming about it while scrolling through pictures of various travel destinations, and it seems like a dream to travel the whole time because of the financial issues and lack of funds, we all dream of travel, travel, and travel, we want to explore the world as much as we can but funds/finances is a major issue.

What if you can travel all around the world while earning bucks simultaneously??

Sounds good, obviously, but remember that nothing in this human world comes without any cost or free, so if you are ready to shed some extra sweat of hard work, then let’s talk about some ways to earn bucks while traveling;


How to Get Paid to Travel
How to Get Paid to Travel

Starting with the easy one, get a seasonal job in a resort or a place that’s hiring some temporary help for the peak season. During peak seasons, popular destinations need some temporary help because of the workload, if you want an extended stay at your favorite destination, you can search for temporary peak season jobs there, you can explore the area after work, and if you are in luck you can get a free room or staying facility nearby. To search for seasonal jobs, you can check out these websites;


How to Get Paid to Travel
How to Get Paid to Travel

You can get a job on a cruise ship; it could be of an entertainer, waiter or waitress, chef, engineer, or anything according to your qualifications and comfort. With a job you will get a free room and board, you will get your pay and some perks like a crew-only gym, decks, and other activities. Do remember that you will have to work for long hours, with minimum days off, but you will be on a ship that is sailing all over the world and you will be seeing some marvelous and beautiful views from your deck, and you will get back home with (probably) more money than you have spent. To find a suitable job on a cruise line, you can check out;


How to Get Paid to Travel
How to Get Paid to Travel

If you are a native English speaker and have a bachelor’s degree in any stream or area, then voila!! You can grasp a teaching job in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East; you can earn decent money while teaching in working hours and traveling all over the area after work, you can get free stay with meals as a perk, but the most important thing is TESOL, TEFL or CELTA certification, while teaching abroad you probably don’t need to speak the country’s native language but you will need that certificate for a good job, and you can get that certificate through various online courses or full-time in-person courses, choose according to your own comfort and after getting the certificate, get your passports ready and you are all done to teach and travel to abroad.


How to Get Paid to Travel
How to Get Paid to Travel

With sites like Fiverr and Upwork, freelance work became a livelihood for some people and some of them earn more than 9 to 5 pay. You can work whenever you want or wherever you want, you can work while you are traveling, what you need is a laptop, internet, and your skills and you are all good to go. Online freelance work not only gives you freedom from typical 9 t 5 jobs, but it’s also much more than that, no matter where you are, you are working and earning.


How to Get Paid to Travel
How to Get Paid to Travel

Social media is the attraction of today’s world and becoming an influencer on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, can have its own benefits, apart from the mass following, you will get sponsorships from resorts and destinations to promote them to your mass followings, you will be getting free luxurious stays at various destinations with meals and many more benefits. But truth to be told, becoming an influencer is not an easy task, while most people think about it and they do work hard for it but only a few are able to achieve it, some do manage to get an average following but they lose it after a time as maintaining it is also difficult. But social media is a great platform to attract some big and great sponsors.


How to Get Paid to Travel
How to Get Paid to Travel

And here comes the classic one, become a flight attendant and fly around the world. Do a 9 to 5 job as a flight attendant while flying all over the world and get free travel benefits not for yourselves only but for your families too. The pay is good, you are flying to various places, and your family is having some benefits also but do remember that an average schedule of an attendant includes working 80 hours a month.

And there are many more options like becoming a transporter, a mystery shopper for big brands, a travel blogger, or a traveling photographer or destination wedding photographer, as the saying goes ‘where there is a will, there is a way it applies to everything, but it also means a willing of doing a lot of hard work to fulfill your dream. Try a bit longer and harder and you will be able to achieve all your dreams, dreams that don’t let you sleep because they are the dreams of a better and beautiful future.

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