Natural Phenomena All Over The World

Natural Phenomena All Over The World

Natural Phenomena All Over The World, We have talked about various places\countries\destinations in our previous posts, we have talked about so many different things that were manmade and some was the example of natural beauty that has bestowed on us as some seriously beautiful mountains\lakes\waters, we have covered different topics, but today we will talk about natural phenomena only.

Now, what is a phenomenon?!! A phenomenon is a remarkable fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.

And now we will talk about some amazing natural phenomena that appear or happen all  over the world and makes  you think about only one thing again and again and that is ‘HOW??!!’


Natural Phenomena All Over The World
Natural Phenomena All Over The World

The enormous salt flats, which cover about 4000 square miles of the Bolivian highlands. The place is spectacular at any time of year but in the rainy season the phenomenon occurs when a thin sheet of water covers the surface and the salt flats become the largest mirror on the planet as they start reflecting the sky in precisely perfect symmetry, also called heaven by the locals because the reflection that appears on the salt flats resembles the view of a celestial paradise.

And when you will walk on that surface you will literally feel like you are walking on the clouds and by the night you will feel like you are floating in the Milky Way. The best time to experience this phenomenon is the rainy season that lasts from December to April in Bolivia.


Natural Phenomena All Over The World
Natural Phenomena All Over The World

And the most amazing and popular one, that is already on a lot of people’s bucket list is – Northern Lights. The phenomenon that was both feared ad celebrated by people throughout history, is now a popular attraction and we also know the cause of it now – charged ejected particles of the sun react with earth’s atmosphere and we get the amazing view of bright green, red and blue sway among the stars.

And to experience the moment when your eyes will witness this, you have to travel north to the Arctic Circle and on a clear, dark night, when you are away from all light pollution and the solar winds are blowing, look up and see the most amazing and breathtaking view you have ever seen in your life, that’s the Northern Lights right above your head, the big heavy curtains of green, red and blue, in the sky right above you. Enjoy!!


Natural Phenomena All Over The World
Natural Phenomena All Over The World

The phenomenon that appears on mosquito bay, Puerto Rico, holds a Guinness world record for being the brightest. You can witness this phenomenon in only six places around the world but the experience of it in mosquito bay will make it more mesmerizing. The phenomenon occurs in water by microscopic plankton, which flashes a bright blue light when agitated, move your hand in the water, and light will follow your movement like the tail of a comet, it truly feels like floating in bright blue liquid stars.


Natural Phenomena All Over The World
Natural Phenomena All Over The World

Prepare your wish list and pack it in your backpack because in this phenomenon you will be seeing a lot of shooting stars, and the best location to watch the view is Teide National Park in Tenerife. On a dark night, thousands of feet above the coast, with some of the biggest telescopes, you can see the Milky Way in an impossible brightness and the perseids meteor shower will make it more memorable. In 2021, the Perseids will reach their peak in August so book the Parador de Las Canadas del Teide hotel in advance because that is the only place to stay in the park.


Natural Phenomena All Over The World
Natural Phenomena All Over The World

Yes, I am not joking and it is not a typing error or any kind of prank or a joke. This phenomenon is the only volcano on the planet that allows visitors to go inside; you will be entering into a 400 ft deep abyss (a place big enough to fit three basketball courts and the statue of liberty). Commonly, volcanoes seal up after eruption, but this one, the Thrihnukagigur – a volcano in Iceland’s Blue Mountains remained open and it looks like a  piece of modern art with rock walls stained in a tapestry of orange, red, and yellow lava scars. And to get the amazing feeling of seeing the earth from the inside you can join the scheduled tour inside the volcano from 20 May to 31 October 2021.


Natural Phenomena All Over The World
Natural Phenomena All Over The World

This phenomenon is scary as well as thunderous because we are talking about the phenomenon of lightning – some 250 per year on average. Lake Maracaibo, next to Catatumbo River, holds the Guinness World Record for the most lightning strikes per square kilometer and it happens all the time, thousands of flashes in an hour, and every day of the year, it transforms the sky into a plasma globe on full beam.


Natural Phenomena All Over The World
Natural Phenomena All Over The World

A small seaside town, that is quiet most of the year, but in winters there arrives the largest waves on the planet when huge swells roll in from the ocean and hit an underwater canyon just off the shore, and people surf them and Rodrigo Koxa in 2018 actually set the world record of surfing a scarily whopping 80 ft wave.

But you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy this phenomenon (even I do not have any slightest idea of surfing), a nearby promontory offers a viewpoint for mortals like us who want to watch this phenomenon from a safely land, and you can enjoy the Nazare town challenge surf competition that depending on conditions and weather, takes place between November and March each year.

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