Travel Restrictions Germany

Travel Restrictions Germany
Travel Restrictions Germany
Travel Restrictions Germany
Travel Restrictions Germany

Travel Restrictions Germany – Restrictions in Germany or any other country are a part of a strategy to give a strong fight to COVID-19, and restrictions in various places are there to protect people, so one should always respect and follow them.

Today we will talk about different travel restrictions in Germany, to make your journey during this pandemic as smooth as possible;

  1. Residents of non EU (European Union) countries are only permitted in case of an important or urgent work, and if one is fully vaccinated, they will be allowed to travel to Germany.
  2. German citizens or member of their immediate family are exempted from these entry restrictions.
  3. These entry restrictions do not apply to EU citizens and citizens of Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, and their immediate family members.
  4. Citizens of non EU countries, who have a long term residence permit from an EU or Schengen country will be exempted from entry restrictions as well as they comply with passport and visa regulations.

Travel restrictions in Germany clearly state that a citizen of the non-EU country, who is traveling first time to Germany will only be allowed in the country if there is an urgent need, or if they are fully vaccinated, or they have a long term residence permit from an EU or Schengen country.

  • All travelers from COVID-19 risk areas or high incidence areas must register on before entering the country.
  • Any person travelling by plane, regardless of from where they are coming from, must provide the airline with a negative test result, a vaccination certificate or a recovery certificate.
  • A traveler who is only transiting through a German Airport, also have to submit the proof of a negative test result, recovery certificate or vaccination certificate.
  • The test is to be taken not earlier than 48 or 72 hours prior to the arrival time in the country.
  • The test result is to be kept for at least 10 days after the arrival in Germany.
  •  Children below the age of 6 are exempted from the test and vaccination/recovery proof.
  • The traveler must have received the last dose of vaccination at least 14 days before of the arrival.
  • The vaccine must be one of those listed on the Paul Ehrlich Institute’s website.


  1. According to new ordinance, a person entering Germany following a stay in a high incidence area, risk area or area of variant of concern must proceed directly to their destination
  2. And self isolate themselves for 10-14 days. And must not leave the house or flat or attend guests.


Travel Restrictions Germany
Travel Restrictions Germany

Exemptions from quarantine apply in particular to persons, but for those who are traveling from areas of variant concern, no exemption or reason will be eligible or applied.

People who can be exempted from quarantine are;

  1. A person who merely passed through a high incidence area or risk area.
  2. Person who is only passing through Germany and leaving via the fastest route available as soon as entering the country.
  3. Person who is entering in Germany only for a period of up to 24 hours or less
  4. And a person who have spent only 24 hours or less in a high risk area.

Travel restrictions in Germany clearly define that No Quarantine exemptions are possible for travelers or a person arriving from areas of a variant of concern.

A person who is coming from a high incidence area, and has vaccinated or recovered from an infection will be eligible of leaving the mandatory quarantine as soon as they submit the proof of recovery or vaccination.

Travel restrictions and rules like- digital entry registration, proof of a negative test, proof of vaccination, quarantine regulations, and other restrictions will not be applicable in case of only transiting through Germany.


Travel Restrictions Germany
Travel Restrictions Germany
  1. In any public area, transport, in stores and busy outdoor places, one’s mouth and nose must  be covered with FFP2 or KN95/N95.
  2. Make sure to keep the minimum distance possible.
  3. If one develops any symptom associated with COVID-19, they must contact a doctor via phone or the hotline – 116 117.
  4. Must keep the contact details of their home country’s embassy or consulate in Germany.


Travel Restrictions Germany
Travel Restrictions Germany
  1. Wash hands thoroughly for 20-30 seconds on a regular basis.
  2. Sneezing in to the elbow
  3. Quick disposal of handkerchiefs or tissues
  4. Keeping the minimum distance
  5. Avoid shaking hands

Due to the COVID-19, the restrictions and regulations in Germany are in place to help the citizens of the country as well as the travelers from other countries safe. One should always respect and follow the various restrictions as they are in place to ensure the safety of human lives.

Germany is a country of beautiful landscapes full of forests, rivers, mountain ranges, and the North Sea beaches. A western European country with a history of 2 millennia, with the Brandenburg Gate and many sites that display the country’s relation to WWII, Germany is an amazing destination for travel with Berlin as its capital, the city that is home to nightlife scenes and art, no wonder, traveling there will be exciting.

 But due to current circumstances and ongoing pandemic, travel restrictions in Germany ban travelers from certain countries as they are the place of high incidences or the harmful variant area.

And we should respect the rules and regulations because they are there to protect us as well as others.

Do let us know your thoughts about various rules and regulations in different or your own country, and your thoughts about Germany, write it all in the comment section or you can write to us at our mentioned email and we will reply to it as soon as possible.

And to know more about various traveling destinations and different travel restrictions in different countries, do check out our BLOG section and TRENDING section, and do not forget to tell us your thoughts about our work and different posts. Till then;

Stay safe, stay happy.

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